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Working in the banking industry, we have seen first-hand the frustration customers face when it comes to re-negotiating their current home loan. With banks putting the spotlight on new customers, existing customers are left with outdated and time-consuming options to review their loans, such as visiting their local branch or spending hours on the phone.

Online mortgage brokers & comparison websites may be readily accessible, however they are all primarily set up to help banks find new customers. This makes it highly likely that customers relying on these platforms will be urged to move banks at their own cost and hassle, even when their own bank could have helped them with their changing needs.

You wished for a world where your own bank could come to you and help you save...

Now they can.

RetainMe – negotiating made easy.

Why RetainMe?

We take 'negotiating' to a whole new level with the convenience of getting your bank to comes to you. No hand-offs, middlemen, or shady sales tactics. You're in the driver's seat and we stick with you until you are 100% satisfied.’

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